Today is a great day for DUG...I checked the business bank account and our Kickstarter funds were deposited!  Waking up to over $20,000 extra dollars is a great feeling! Yes, that money is already spent, but I'm still ecstatic.  The whole experience with the Kickstarter campaign has been a roller coaster of emotions, yet through and through I have felt such pride in the DUG community.  

Here is a recap of what was accomplished by our 30 day Kickstarter campaign:

  • $27,750 raised
  • 185% of our $15,000 goal
  • 320 backers
  • Average pledge amount is $86
  • 2,615 people viewed our Kickstarter video

Once again, I want to thank each of you for all you have done to help us through our struggles with Polk County.  The farm was thrown a curve ball, but it seems like we have been able to connect and hit it out of the park (forgive my attempt at a baseball analogy)!

So many of you were a part of making our Kickstarter campaign successful.  Here are some ways you helped to, “Let DUG Grow”:

  • Pledged money
  • Shared our story
  • Wrote emails/called Polk county in support of the farm
  • Words of support
  • Volunteered your services

A lot has happened since completion of the Kickstarter campaign.  A few days after the campaign ended our site plan was given the “okay” by Polk County.  That meant we were able to start pulling permits (for septic work and the new building) and begin work at the farm.  It's great to have the "back and forths" with the county completed and now we can make the changes we need in order to be in compliance.

Roger’s Septic was on site for about a week installing a larger septic system to hold the load of our new restroom.  They also installed a 1,500 gallon water storage tank. I’m excited for the tank as I will be able to store rainwater run off and use that water for crops.  They also ran water & plumbing lines for the new addition.

The new addition to the FarmStand building should begin any-day.  Last week our contractor, Behanish Enterprises, measured and drilled holes for the addition.  The weather in a few days is looking promising and the construction work should begin soon!

There is a lot of things happening in a short amount of time at the farm.  The new addition may not be fully complete by opening day, but we will have a great jump start on the work!

I’m feeling optimistic and excited for Spring to finally arrive!  It looks as if the weather is making a turn for the better this week, and I hope to get a bunch of beds planted (outdoors) on Thursday!  Yes, this has been a slow spring for plantings, but that has seemed to work in my favor. Our main plot was torn up by Roger’s Septic, so even if I wanted to plant earlier I would not have been able to.  I will say I’m happy to have the high tunnel this spring! That has allowed me to get lots of crops in the ground and get a jump start on this cold spring.

I’m still trucking away at fulfilling all the Kickstarter rewards.  All backers received an email from me with the Stretch Goal reward of the A to Z Veggie Storage Guide.  Farm recipes have been emailed, reusable totes were mailed today, t-shirts and sweatshirt sizes have been ordered by The Side Garage and they will start printing ASAP, garden consults are getting scheduled, dinner with your farmer is also getting scheduled, and Salad Subscriptions will start soon!  Kickstarter campaigns are a lot of work, but I’m so happy with the results and how our campaign has strengthened our farm community!

Be sure to mark you calendars for the FarmStand opening day on May 12th!


Your Urban FarmHer, Jenny