• Class Time: 6-8pm

  • Cost: $35 (without dinner) or $50 (with dinner)

  • Description: Microgreens are what I like to refer to as “super plants.”  They are young, and tender, plants that are used in foods to enhance nutritional value, color, texture, and/or flavor.  Microgreens are commonly confused with sprouts yet they are not the same. Microgreens are more mature than sprouts and harvested before being considered baby greens.

    The thing that is so great about microgreens is they are jam-packed with nutrition.  Studies show that microgreens can have up to 40x the nutrient value compared to the mature plant.  While this varies from seed to seed, the overall benefit of the plant is they are low in calories while high in nutrients, vitamins, and fiber.

    In this workshop you will learn all the steps in growing your own microgreens.  We will discuss where to source required items, what types of seeds to grow, what grow medium to use, the best lighting options, how to water, how to harvest, and tips/tricks to success.  After this workshop you will be ready to grow your own microgreens!

    You will leave the course with 2 trays of planted micros to grow at home.

  • BYOB

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